Cambridge ABC’s

Achieve your best
Be responsible
Consider others

Our Values

Together we inspire and support all learners to succeed as connected, resilient, creative and curious thinkers.

Aspiration – a culture of high expectations and high achievement
Respect – respecting ourselves, others, our past and our environment
Courage – accepting challenges and embracing opportunities
Growth – improving by always leaning and finding better ways to do things

Positive Education

When you ask most parents what they want for their children, the answer usually comes down to something along the lines of “we want our children to be happy!” Research now clearly demonstrates that students with higher levels of well-being also have higher levels of academic achievement.

Cambridge Primary School has made a commitment to focus upon nurturing the well-being of our staff and students through Positive Education. Positive Education brings together the science of Positive Psychology with best practice teaching to encourage and support individuals, schools and communities to reach their full potential and flourish. We refer to flourishing as a combination of “feeling good and doing good”. Positive Education focuses on specific skills that assist students to identify their unique strengths, enhance their relationships, build positive emotions, increase personal resilience, promote mindfulness and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

At Cambridge Primary School we do this through taking a Visible Wellbeing (VWB) approach. Visible wellbeing, as the name suggests is really just about making wellbeing, something that sits inside of us, more visible through “seeing, hearing and feeling”. We see, hear and feel wellbeing across six specific pathways and they are: Strengths, Emotional Regulation, Attention and Awareness, Relationships, Coping and Comprehension and Habits and Goals.

This short clip is a good summary explaining why Positive Education is so important to us at Cambridge Primary School as we nurture students’ intelligence and resilience.